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Fall 2012 Update & Survey Goodness

by Haig Armen. Average Reading Time: about 2 minutes.

I recently sat down to write a status email to other local IxDA volunteers and realized it might make more sense to put together some news we could share with everyone!

Over the past year IxDA Vancouver has undergone some transition. We’ve done a lot of soul searching about who we are as a community and an organization locally–and talked a lot about how Vancouver is positioned within the design community worldwide. We’ve had some of our amazing founding members move away from Vancouver and we’ve welcomed several new volunteers to the organizing committee. We’ve also reached out to other longstanding organizations like the Vancouver User Experience group (VanUE) about greater collaboration and a potential merging of memberships. We’re now in the process of formalizing ourselves as a non-profit organization and are on the hunt for even more volunteers to help make big plans for 2013 and beyond come alive.

Vancouver is an interesting and varied community: We have a strong technology sector here with a solid contingent of veteran designers, developers and product managers–as well as several excellent schools and programs that are turning out more new talent every day. IxDA Vancouver hopes to pull together veterans and newbies alike and provide opportunities for ongoing education, networking and mentoring to both our community and the wider business community. We’d also like to welcome and educate those from any other fields who are interested in learning about what we do.

Our aim is to:

  • Get the word out about the importance of user experience and help you articulate the value we can provide. We want to work on educating the wider business community about what we do and help those seeking experience in the field connect with the companies that need them.
  • Provide affordable local educational events and opportunities for professional development.
  • Unite the Vancouver UX community, providing opportunities for networking and mentoring for local practitioners.

We have a lot to do–and we’d love your help and feedback. We have put together a short survey to help us get a better sense of who you are and what you’d like to get out of your affiliation with IxDA Vancouver–you can find it here. If you could please take a few minutes and tell us a bit about yourselves it would be fantastic.

Please watch this space in coming weeks for more info on upcoming events, how you might get involved and help out and a report on the results of our survey–and be sure to come out on December 11 to Vancouver’s new EXPbar for our 2012 ‘UXHolidayHappyHour’. It should be a fun evening and a great chance to celebrate a very successful 2012.

Cheers and thanks again to everyone for your ongoing support. Looking forward to more UX awesome in the coming months!

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